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    California Bear Hunters need our Help!!!



    California Bear Hunters need our Help!!!

    Post  Guest on Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:52 am

    Sen.Ted W. Lieu introduces bill to end unsporting and inhumane practice using packs of dogs to pursue bears and bobcats
    March 22, 2012
    Measure seeks to end inhumane, unsporting ‘hounding’
    SACRAMENTO – Under legislation introduced by Sen. Ted W. Lieu of Torrance, bear and bobcat houndsmen would no longer be able to use dogs to pursue their prey in California, a practice which animal welfare advocates and hunters alike agree is inhumane, unsporting and unfair.

    “California has a long history of protecting its resources and protecting animal welfare,” Lieu said about Senate Bill 1221, which is coauthored by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. “The continued use of hound hunting runs counter, however, to California’s reputation as a humane state. Hound hunting of bears is illegal in two-thirds of the United States; the time has come for California to abolish this inhumane and unnecessary practice.”
    Hound hunters use packs of dogs, often equipped with radio collars, to chase bobcats and bears to exhaustion. In their attempt to escape, the bear or bobcat often takes refuge in a tree, allowing a hunter to simply track the dogs’ radio collar signal, take aim and shoot the animal. In addition, the dogs used for this type of hunting are sometimes treated inhumanely, some abandoned in the field, and others suffer abuse from neglect. Other wildlife are often harassed, disturbed or physically harmed during hounding pursuits as well.
    “Hound hunting of bears is cruel and unsporting, and it’s at odds with the values of the vast majority of Californians,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States. “It was the abuses associated with hunting of hounds that prompted California voters in 1990 to outlaw all trophy hunting of mountain lions. The same ethical issues are at work with bear and bobcat hunting. We are very grateful to Senator Ted Lieu for introducing this legislation.”
    Sponsored by The Humane Society of The United States, SB 1221 would expressly prohibit the use of dogs to pursue any bear or bobcat. The bill would not affect the use of dogs by bird hunters. Many other major bear-hunting states, including Colorado, Montana, Oregon and Washington, do not permit hounding.
    SB 1221 is awaiting assignment to a policy-review committee, which is expected to occur within the next month
    Senate Bill (1221) was generated and expedited out of the hatred that Senator T. Lieu and the HSUS has toward Commission Dan Richards because of his out of state legally harvested Mountain Lion hunt. This bill was written out of emotional reactions and emotional reactions are normally not responsible actions. These Animal Rights activists are reacting emotionally without a real understanding, because of their lack of real hands on knowledge. Most of their beliefs are based on emotional ideological theories with no experience to back their theories.

    CHC and its affiliates have successfully lobbied to defeat efforts to ban bear and bobcat hunting (SB67 and AB342) and dove hunting (AB1190) in California, bear hunting with dogs in Maine (LD628), and efforts to mandate the surgical sterilzation of hunting dogs (AB1634) in California. ( the CHC has helped our neighboring Maine in their battle with bear hunting with dogs. They will be there for us if we need them!)

    While you may already be a member of your local hound hunting club, and you certainly should be, this membership does not entitle you to membership with CHC. For less than the cost of a single tank of gas, you can join the ranks of the countless men and women throughout the state and across the nation who have stepped forward to fight to protect the sport they love and the lifestyle they enjoy. As an annual member of CHC, you will receive:
    CHC's quarterly newsletter, The Track and Trail Tribune
    Yearly subscription to Bear Hunting magazine
    Access to the soon-to-be-released CHC Members-Only portion of the CHC website
    CHC T-shirt or hat
    CHC vehicle decal
    Pride and satisfaction in knowing that you are providing tangible contributions to protecting an American Tradition and preserving hound hunting for yourself, your family and many generations to come.
    If you are not a member of California Houndsmen for Conservation please consider joining today. Power is in numbers! It could be your state next. Liberals wont stop until we are all out of the woods.
    You can join by visiting CHC's website at http://www.californiahoundsmen.com
    I encourage all of you to go to their website and fill out the membership form, print it off and send it to them with your dues. We all need to stand together or it will be gone for all of us!!!!
    Thanks guys… I hope you are all well and your doggies too!!

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