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    gun bans, an email from S.A.M


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    gun bans, an email from S.A.M

    Post  crossroadbeagles on Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:14 am

    January 3, 2013

    Urgent Call to Action

    Dear Citizens, Gun Owners, Friends:

    SAM members, law abiding Gun Owners, Sportsmen and Women, those who care about our Second Amendment, your constitutionally guaranteed right to own firearms is under attack from all directions. We need your help! Whether it is in Congress or the Maine Legislature, your rights are about to face the greatest challenge of our lifetime. In reaction to a recent, high profile shooting, some lawmakers and gun control advocates have decided guns, not individuals are the cause of violent shootings and must be further regulated.

    This is what new State Rep. Janice Cooper, (Yarmouth), wrote on December 18th, 2012 in a column about the recent shooting in Connecticut, "I believe that no one in her right mind should acquire and play (on shooting ranges or otherwise) with such tools, (guns). It is a sickness to revere these instruments, or at least self-delusional to think they provide self- protection, if this is why this mother bought them. They are far more likely to be used in suicide, accidental shootings (especially by children) or other tragedies. They are not machines of beauty. They are not manly or sexy. No home should contain them", The Forecaster Forum.

    Public Calls to Repeal the Second Amendment

    On December 19th, 2012, in a Bangor Daily News guest editorial, Robert Klose, a UMA teacher called for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. This is what the teacher of our children said, "The Second Amendment should be repealed. Once it is gone, meaningful firearms legislation will finally be possible-converting gun possession from a right to a privilege, like a driver's license."

    Although many details are still vague Senator Diane Feinstein, California one of the most adamant anti-gun Senators in Congress has introduced legislation creating a national data base of millions of firearm owners, including fingerprints and photographs as a requirement of certain gun ownership, (guns not yet defined). The Senator's legislation contains bans on the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacture of 120 specifically named firearms and several proposals related to magazine limitations which are still being defined. No matter the details, SAM members and anyone who cares about the traditions of gun ownership and gun related shooting sports must be engaged in the coming debate.

    Rumors circulating around Augusta are that 40-50 anti-gun laws will be introduced in the next session. Given we will likely track another 40-50 wildlife related bills we will be seriously overmatched by anti-gun forces. I must raise money and mobilize our allies to be effective! Money is critical, the tough economy has left many non-profits like ours just barely treading water. It is important to remember that the antis see their extreme proposals as a good beginning. They will never be happy until all firearms have been confiscated.

    Legislators listen when constituents speak. SAM is your voice in Augusta and we must have the maximum membership possible to be effective. If you're not a SAM member, please consider joining, if you are, encourage your friends to join, (see attached membership application). Again, we desperately need everyone to help.

    SAM members, Americans as a whole were horrified by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, our hearts and prayers go out to the survivors and families. We have, and will continue to advocate a position that is reasonable and thoughtful and will listen to ideas to make our schools a safe place. What we won't do, is stay silent while gun control advocates destroy our personal right to own firearms and we won't allow our long Maine traditions of hunting and gun ownership to disappear.

    Thank you,

    David Trahan

    Executive Director

    We hope you consider joining our organization and to our current members - we hope you share this email with your friends and family to help build up our membership based organization. Please call the office if you are unsure of the status of your membership at 623-4589.

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