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    Albion club meeting results......


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    Albion club meeting results......

    Post  HOLLABACK on Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:16 am

    The meeting today with Albion club went great with alot of support for the MSDA.....We talked about what the MSDA stands for and what we're strive'n for in the future....We also talked about all the news of the anti bear hunting articles and who's really out there to help fight these issues.....I touched base on bear trial and what is involved with that and what we have to offer the hosting club......The club house was the hot topic. We mentioned being centrally located it was probably the best choice for the MSDA to use for meetings and suppers/fundraisers and was give'n permission to use anytime we wanted it.....This is a tremendous hurdle for the club to now say we have a place we can use without renting a building.....We also got a few new memebers and Albion club itself joined as a club.....Take'n a plate full of money for a donation was great to see everyone give a few dollars so the club did'nt have to reach into their own kitty for there money to join our club...Lauren and pete stood up with me and helped beyond belief to represent the MSDA proudly in a manner that was convince'n to get full use of the club and membership dues.....Plus Lauren's Cookies helped seal the deal.... ;)It was great to see and hear all the support after the meeting of everyone that wanted to hear more about the MSDA and the few new members that joined, it's great to have ya on board......Have'n a little bit a sense of move'n forward in a positive direction was great to see.....A huge Thank-you to Nelson Cole! Nelson is always eager to help and steer everyone in the right direction for the clubs benifit...He faithfully pays his dues as a lifetime member and always has the clubs best interest at heart.....So THANK-YOU Nelson! Another Huge thank-you to Albion club board members for openly allow'n us the use of the building and give'n us a chance to exspand our club.....Last But definately not least to Pete and Lauren.....Ya both are great active members that surely love the sport and give your time without recognition and do a great job promote'n this club! It does'nt go un noticed! We all appreciate everything ya both do....So THANK-YOU BOTH!

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    A big Thank you!

    Post  DogChaser on Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:19 pm

    Thanks Bill, your hard work doesn't go unnoticed either! It's a numbers game and we've go to not only squash the anti's but show them we will kick butt every time so they should just give up Razz I know I want my boys to be in the woods with their kids 20 years from now chasing hounds like we got to do with them. We need to stand strong and a big thanks goes out to the PTCCBHA who joined ranks with the MSDA and helped us continue to do just that...Consider us the rooftop of it all, and we're here to support you and your club. We need to be able to make a difference...we want these clubs to survive along with the sport. If I have to bring cookies to every meeting I go to, just to show I give a damn then I will! "We" can go only as far as "you" let us... You need my help just ask! I'll be helping at PTCCBHA, any any other club the needs me!

    As soon as the B.O.D can pick a date and OK it with the PTCCBHA club we will have a meeting and I invite ALL of you...whether you've joined us yet or not! I want to see the room filled with supporters!


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