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    Jump start this club! Try this.......


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    Jump start this club! Try this.......

    Post  HOLLABACK on Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:49 am

    Here we go!
    After all the discussion of the bear bill being withdrawn I believe it's time to pick up the pace! With that being said alot of us need to look at where we stand in this club,and where we want it to be going and what we're bringing to the table.....Everyone knows their part and what they can do and what they have done since we formed this club.Alot of thought went into bringing this club up out of ruins to just stay idiol dont set well with me.....I feel we need to be move'n forward with this club now that we have a breath of fresh air and take this time to gain strength before we have another issue to deal with......Because we all know it will happen sooner then later..I've heard talk that I've been a bit much with this club and that dont set well with me either...But been talked about before and like then it was'nt to my face:D.I usually dont do something unless I can do it 100%or I would'nt do anything at all if it was'nt important to me......I'd focus on the bear bill from a differant direction or just call my senator and be done with it.....To that person please come see me and i'll share a bit of my thought with you! I also think that we all been slacking on our dutys on what we signed up for......It's been a couple years with min done......I understand we all have lives to live but these issues dont stop for ouir personal reason.....For everyone that thinks they've done enough take another look! I'm ashamed at how we formed this club and not one member of the body has take'n the reins and tried to exspand in anyway......Seems like our focus is'nt what it should be.....I'm a bit upset with how we all wanted this to excell but dont really put forth the effort it takes to get there.......Not sure what we need to do to jump start this club but figure piss'n everyone off might get us to do more then we have already....If anyone has anything to argue about what I've said and has any leg to stand on lets hear it! I'll be the first to listen to what everyone has to say about their own position......and if anyone feels that they've done all the could have I'll then apoligize for the rudeness otherwise it's time to get things back on track........

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