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    LD 628 and LD 1460


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    LD 628 and LD 1460

    Post  blue_ridge on Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:54 am

    i got a text from a buddy of mine today about a few bills that i havent heard of. LD 628 is to ban bear hunting with hounds and LD 1460 is to ban trapping bear season. i dont know anything about it. he said the hearings in augusta are scheduled for april 28th. if anyone can find any info on this please let everyone know. thank you


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    Re: LD 628 and LD 1460

    Post  crossroadbeagles on Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:06 am


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    Post  HOLLABACK on Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:12 am

    Theres literally hundreds of anti hunting bills comming up.There all listed in the Bangor Dailey News in or around the classifieds when there comming up.The coyotes are a big issue comming up on the 6th of April.All about every aspect of the sport.There not going to stop anytime soon.All sportsmen need to really step up and start taken time to go to these public hearings and get involved.When it's to late, it's all over.As you know they schedual them during the week because they know we're all working.Everytime I go down it's the same few that go.Let me say we know who we are and the rest will have no say in the matter if they dont fight for our cause.Even if you dont want to speak theres power in numbers.When we out number the antis everytime theres a hearing it helps alot.Our sport of hunting with hounds is dwindeling,we need to step up and support our sport,and everthing else that pertains to it.Lots of folks spend countless hours on this board talking and posting,None of thats going to matter if they win.Please I urge all of you guys on here to start showing up.Dont exspect the other guy to take care of it for ya.Thanks for letting me vent!

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    Re: LD 628 and LD 1460

    Post  oxford dogger on Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:20 am

    I went to the work sesson about 'written permission' for bear 'cat and coyote hunters with dogs Monday.
    I got a chance to talk with Colonel Wilkenson for a few minutes and got good feedback. The warden service can be the hound hunters greatest ally or it's worst enemy and Joel gave hound hunters a good scorecard in coyote controll at this workshop.
    I also talked to George Smith and Board member Ralph Sardie with good feedback from both.
    I did get the feeling that if houndmen in the area where the tresspassing complaints are coming from don't use their heads that the committee may end running similar to the restricted bear training area in Washington County.

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    Re: LD 628 and LD 1460

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