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    reply bear bills

    Post  doghunter.me on Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:47 am

    i dont know most of you and am not trying to offend any hunters or guides.i appreciate everything the msda members are doing in augusta.but i wish the strickly bait hunters would realize that the constant bickering will eventually ruin it for every one.last year during third week of bait season we took a couple dogs to try and help a youth bait hunter find a wounded bear.we found our way back to the road and was loading dogs in the pouring rain when a bait hunter slammed on brakes,rolled window and started screaming at us because his bait 2 miles up the road shut off during 3rd week and it was our fault.we explained that ours had too.but he jumped out truck and started swinging.his truck was blocking about 20 cars on a major route.i dont know about up north,but in the southern part of the state,if you do your homework on your bait locations and you dont kill it in two weeks,you probably aint going to.jmo

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